We’re taking food bank donations!

Help feed a family for Christmas this year! We are currently taking food bank donations at our office. Drop by with non-perishable food items!

Chinese New Year Festival

Our staff attended the Chinese Festival on May 7th. Check out our photo gallery below!

Toothless Smiles No More

They say that a single picture speaks a thousand words. You certainly wouldn’t want to be flashing a toothless smile for the annual family picture-taking, that would just be plain awkward. You cannot help but bemoan your faith, and envy the other people with their perfect and complete

Chilling Out on the Dentist’s Chair

Going to the dentist will always be one of man’s greatest fears. This fear is no longer limited to children, since most adults suffer the same fear as well, For some, the thought of someone prodding  and drilling at your mouth with the use of metal instruments can be equated to some f
Dr. Patty Wu

Welcome Dr. Patty Wu

We’re very pleased and excited to announce that Dr. Patty Wu will be joining our professional team at Canada Way Dental on April 14th. Dr. Patty Wu, born in Taiwan, moved to Vancouver with her family as a teenager.  She studied and received B.Sc. (Honours in Biochemistry) in 200

Welcome to Canada Way Dental!

When you think of your dentist, what comes to mind? Do you picture someone who knows your favourite beverage and always offers it to you the moment you walk into the office, who walks you out to the car with an umbrella if it’s raining, who really knows your smile? Discover what world